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My Story

How I Got Here

After college I moved to NYC to work for Bloomingdale’s. I spent over 10 years learning fashion, merchandising, buying and much more, then moved back to Philadelphia and married my amazing husband and had my two boys. Ready to get back to work, a wonderful opportunity came up to join a major designer. This experience helped me to realize I had a gift for connecting with people through clothing. My style sense comes from a love of fashion, almost 25 years of experience in the industry, and a desire to help women feel good about themselves. My strong background in fashion and merchandising, combined with knowing what complements a woman’s figure, lead me to launch!

Transforming Busy Women

Are you around that "Forty Something" age and don't know how to look relevant without looking tacky? Perhaps you've lost or gained weight and don't know how to dress for your body? Is your wardrobe stuck in the 90's?

There comes a time in our life journey when we as women need to take time for ourselves; to restore our balance, find our new purpose, grow in faith and for some, transform our outer image to mirror our new self body,

I get goosebumps, literally, when my clients put on something they said they could "never wear." Together we will think out of the box. You can feel incredible, confident, on-trend and maybe even a bit sexy no matter your size or budget.

Update Your Style....

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