Look Like You, Only Better

Because it's all about you! The Everyday Woman

Restyle, restore, and update your closet and your day to day wears.

What My Clients Are Saying

Feel Like a Princess

Wow! What a day for me.   I feel like a princess. You really took such good care of me, and taught me so much.   I am grateful for your time and eduction.  It was super to spend time with you.  ~ Sarah

Sleeping Beauty

I really enjoyed our session on Saturday. I feel like Sleeping Beauty, like I’ve been awakened a whole new fashion persona by a fairy godmother instead of a Prince.

I am really looking forward to the ongoing process of  “redecorating” myself, in the same way I enjoy redecorating my house. I realized that i can take a day off from work before the end of the month to do that shopping, which I would like to do sooner rather than later. I have northing to wear! ~ Eils

A Million Bucks

 I finally got around to washing everything so that I could start wearing it.  Today I feel like a million bucks.  We are going cake tasting later this afternoon. I am wearing my silver flats  , and my skinny jeans, the white tank from BR with the buttons down the front and the purple blazer! I can’t thank you enough for all your help. ~ Janine

I Hate To Shop

I  hate to shop!  It was great to have Jeanne go through my closet, update and coordinate my wardrobe and give me specific ideas on outfits that work for my body type.  I am a business professional and need direction with “style”.  After shopping with Jeanne, I now feel confident in what to look for with my body type, what works for business, casual and dress-up.  Now, I actually set time aside to shop instead of dropping by on my way into the office or on the way home.  The experience was very rewarding and I have received several favorable comments from friends and co-workers about my updated wardrobe. ~ Pam L

Remarkable Personal Shopper

Jeanne was remarkable as a personal shopper. She helped me in more ways than I could even anticipate. I have spent years wearing “practical” and “basic” clothes, but shopping with Jeanne opened my eyes to seeing that I could expand beyond that. She showed me that I can step outside of my comfort-zone, while still allowing me to be myself. Jeanne just showed me how to improve me! Jeanne always kept in mind my budget and was careful to help me find the most for my money. I also really appreciate that she encouraged me to only buy clothes that I really liked, so that I would not regret buying them later. Most importantly, I appreciate that Jeanne took the time to get to know me and my needs and attempted to meet them every step of the way. She really values her work and knows it well. Jeanne explained fashion trends to me and gave me advice for future purchases, which I really appreciate, so then I can practice on my own. I was somewhat anxious about the experience of having someone else help me find clothes, but Jeanne put me at ease and made it fun. I truly respect and appreciate Jeanne and her work. I would recommend her to others without hesitation! I think that having someone help you enhance yourself through your clothes is an experience everyone should have at some point in their life! ~ Laura

She Took the Chaos Out of My Closet

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Jeanne.  As a middle-aged, stay-at-home mom I was hoping to present a casual but polished look. Jeanne put together comfortable, age-appropiate outfits. Jeanne took the total chaos that is my closet and helped me style. The expectation was not that I was going to throw away everything in my closet but that I would make my existing pieces more versatile. Jeanne paired things that I would have never considered but they looked great! I was also given guidelines about fit and style to follow for future purchases.  Following our session, Jeanne sent pictures of reasonable priced items to consider in order to round out my wardrobe.  The selections were just my style so Jeanne obviously “got me” in just our short meeting. Most of all, the experience was fun. ~ Pam